You have Reyets
to protect your rights.
Some situations go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye - you can rest easier knowing we've got your back. We want to help you capture the truth and broadcast it almost instantly, around the globe, to wake up the world.
Record the truth. Know your rights. 
All with one tap.
How it works.
The Reyets app gives you the power to uncover and broadcast the truth with the tap of a button, you'll stream, record video and know your rights to help you understand and navigate a potentially volatile situation. 
Advance Video
Encrypted Files & Geodata
Live Stream & Cloud Backup
Get Help From Trusted Sources
Know Your Rights On Demand
Engage On Issues That Matter To You
Smart Incident Reports
AI Chat To Help You Find Answers
See how Reyets is empowering citizens all around you.

Our Mission.

Imagine a more just world. We do. We're a tech company, but we're also citizens. We value an equitable, just society, and think technology can be used for the good of all - as an agent for postive social change.



Passionate about rights and doing good? We are looking for like minded partners to do meaningful work together. 


Organizations, Lawyers, Journalists, Artists, and others looking to join the new movement contact us.


Reyets for Everyone.





Don't be a social justice worrier.

You have Reyets to protect your rights. Get early access.

Reyets is the fastest and most secure way to record and document high-risk situations.



Our Mission

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